January 14th, 2010

Snarky Candiru2

Friday, 15 January 2010

It might be that we're in for the next reprint in sequence or a new-ruin that will go off on an insane tangent; whatever it is, you can bet that it'll lead to one thing: Elly getting martyred.

Panel 1: It's night-time at the Pattermanse; Elly is standing there bellowing "You boys stop fooling around and get to sleep" because Mike and Lawrence are still giggling a little.

Panel 2: She's seconded by John who hollers "Okay, that is IT!! This is your last warning!!"; it should be noted that Mike is trying to eat the blanket for some reason.

Panel 3: We switch back from one bad cop to the other as Elly blusters "One more sound and two people will be very sorry" as they still laugh a bit.

Panel 4: They ain't laughing in the last panel though; that's because John is sleeping in Mike's room to make sure they realize that life is only supposed to be fun for people who pay taxes; as she hustles Mike off to her room, a bleary-eyed Elly thought-bubbles "US!!" because it's all about how she suffers sooooooo much.

Summary: It's no freaking wonder that Connie's week-long trip took four weeks to tell; with John and Elly pissed off all the time because small children like to play, it probably felt that long. It should also be noted that they should have separated the two beforehand to prevent this but that would make sense and be convenient.