January 9th, 2010

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Since Lynn has used up all the Sunday strips from the early part of 1981, it's clear that we're in for a new-ruin that is far and away inferior to the original it's meant to replace.

And I'm sort of right; it's another mediocre effort that's predicated on the notion that having a pet equals poor, put-upon Elly. In this case, Elly buys a pet bed to keep Farley from sleeping on the couch.

Panel 1: We start off with Farley in the living room; for some reason, he's looking over his shoulder.

Panel 2: He then hops up on the couch to sleep.

Panel 3: Elly sees him on the couch and, since the Black Cloud of Rage is over her head, isn't exactly thrilled.

Panel 4: She unhinges her jaw and yells which frightens Farley awake.

Panel 5: As he trundles off, she gets an idea.

Panel 6: We next see her driving down the road in her hoverwagon as it snows.

Panel 7: Her destination is the Pet City store; there, the salesperson shows her a pet bed with the word "Pet Bed" stenciled on it.

Panel 8: Having bought the pet bed, she walks it to the hovercar.

Panel 9: Having returned home, she shows Farley the bed and, since she thinks he understands English, probably tells him that now that he has a new bed, he can stop sleeping on the couch.

Panel 10: He lays down in it because he's curious about this new thing that the loud, silly creature, who's leaving the room, is happy about.

Panel 11: After she leaves the room, he gets up because he isn't comfortable.

Panel 12: We next see him sleeping happily on the couch he's imprinted on.

Summary: His going back to the couch in the last panel is meant to indicate that he's disobeying when, in fact, it would take weeks/months to train him to use the bed. Too bad someone demands immediate results and refuses to admit that dogs cannot think like people.