January 7th, 2010

Snarky Candiru2

Friday, 8 January 2010

Since I have a fair idea that Lynn might simply reprint the next strip in this sequence, I'd like to point out how ludicrous this whole thing is. As all of you said yesterday, this is not a way to look cool; what it is is a way to foolishly land oneself in trouble and risk burning one's hands.

Panel 1: As Mike lights whatever he put in the pipe, Lawrence tells him "I don't like this, Michael; it's not right."

Panel 2: A red-faced, gasping Mike says "Your (koff) mom's in the house; she can't even see what we're doing."

Panel 3: Having passed Lawrence the pipe, Mike makes the palms-out gesture and tells him "Believe me, Lawrence; she'll never know."

Panel 4: Connie is gobsmacked because there's a cloud of smoke over her back fence.

Summary: While it's obvious that this was simply a lame way to both remind us that Mike is a budding hooligan and to get the pipe in Connie's hands, let us pause and remember that Lynn did get one thing right: children never quite seem to pick up on the fact that their parents are smarter than they look. And talk. And act. And dress. And our best test scores indicate.
Snarky Candiru2

A visit from Nancy Beiman.....

I don't know if Lynn's promoting her visit with Nancy Beiman needs its own thread but I'm putting it up just in case. That's because it occurs to me that with her supposedly sharing Lynn's need to blame all the evil in the world on evil men, we might be looking at the top-notch animator that was supposed to take over a few years ago. (I don't see her as being a misandrist as such; to me, it looks as if she's simply ticked off by the Smurfette effect.)