January 3rd, 2010

Snarky Candiru2

Monday, 4 January 2010

It's not going to be a big surprise if today's strip is more of Elly worrying about Connie and Phil's private lives or her yelling at Phil for being a man who only wants to be friends with Conniecallously leading innocent, naive Connie on, is it?

Well, it wouldn't have been, anyway; Lynn decided to shift gears so we're still not dealing with anything surprising. If she decided to run the only reprint that fits, we'd get this mess:

Collapse )

But since she ran that before, we'll get a new-ruin that's even more horrific: Lizzie sucking on Phil's pipe.

Panel 1: We start off with Phil, who's carrying his suitcases, telling Elly and Mike's silhouette "I'm on my way, Sis. I'm going to drop off my rental car and Connie is going to take me to the train."

Panel 2: Two-foot tall Mike hugs Phil, asks him if he hasta go and couldn't he stay a little longer; Elly leans down and tells him that Phil will be back very soon.

Panel 3: As he heads out the door, he says "Yeah! With my luck, I've probably forgotten something." Elly tells him that whatever that thing is, they'll get it back to him in good shape.

Panel 4: The strip ends with a nauseating image: Lizzie in the overalls that Lynn loves to draw but drive us up the wall CRUNCHing on Phil's pipe.

Summary: The only thing more disgusting than watching a one year old playing with a tobacco pipe is not it's a stupid way to set up the whole "Connie goes to Montréal to return it when she could have mailed it there and not humiliated herself" arc; it's that KAN will gush about how completely cute it is.

ETA: It seems that as far as Lynn is concerned that the holiday season is over.