January 1st, 2010

Snarky Candiru2

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Now that Michael has been reminded that he has to be silent because his parents got wasted like hypocritical morons who hide liquor from house guests so they can bogart it, let's see what sort of idiots they are; my guess is that John will have to duck a coffee cup because he says that Phil and Connie's lives are none of Elly's business.

I wish; it's Elly thinking that it's all about her.

Panel 1: It's slightly after eight a.m. on New Years' Day; as she and John get out of bed, an anxious Elly wonders what happened happened last night. John tells her not to worry about Connie because she, as a grown woman, can take care of herself.

Panel 2: As John brushes his teeth, Elly makes that stupid palms-out gesture and reminds him that Connie's one of her oldest friends; if Phil breaks her heart, she doesn't know where that would leave her because she'd feel so responsible.

Panel 3: John looks her right in the eye and says that all she did was introduce them; if something goes wrong, it's no reflection on her.

Panel 4: After he leaves the room, she glares the Bug-Eyed Glare of Existential Horror at her reflection and thought-bubbles "What have I done?"

Summary: I'll tell you what you've done, Elly. You've made Phil the bad guy because you don't approve of his lifestyle and have always resented how he was able to outwit your dumb ass as a child. You've made Connie out to be a passive victim instead of an active participant in her own humiliation because she has mommy parts instead of daddy parts. You've also set your friend up to fail so you can beat her over the head about how you're always right. Most of all, though, you've reminded us that all that "Connie makes a fool of herself" means to you is "Poor, put-upon Elly."