December 29th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

It seems to me that Phil might spend today's strip with an unusually large barnacle of his own. That's because clingy, learning-impaired, stifling weirdo Connie has once again confused casual sex with love and Phil has to pay and pay and pay for her ignorance.

Have I mentioned how much I hate being right?

Panel 1: As Phil descends the stairs, he tells Elly he's on his way to Toronto and to have a happy new year; she says "Sure! You too."

Panel 2: When he tells her that he'd invited Connie to come along, watch the show and hang with the band later, she snorts in disgust.

Panel 3: Since he has no real idea how hung up Connie is on him, he's genuinely confused and means it when he says "What?? We're just friends; she's cool with that."

Panel 4: Since Elly feels the need to blame men for the trouble women like Connie get themselves into, she spouts a wall of text about how mean ol'beatnik Phil is taking advantage of poor, vulnerable Connie who loves him sooooo much; he dismisses this with a remark about how he's simply offering her a ride.

Panel 5: Narrow-Eyed-And-Minded Elly tells a confused Phil, who simply does not know that casual sex does not exist in this strip, that what she's afraid is that he is taking her for a ride.

Summary: Judgmental much, Flapandhonk? Misreading the situation much to boot, El? It's clear to me at least that Phil is not doing anything wrong here; that point is lost on Elly who can't wrap her head around the idea that a man can have a woman fling herself at him in desperation without having caused it.