December 27th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Monday, 28 December 2009

As Lynn's need to take her brother over the coals takes precedence over her need to boil over with rage about her ex-husband, it's safe to assume that this week will further demonize Phil and tell us that Elly should be allowed to own his horses because she's older and it's not faaaaair that he's more successful that she'll ever be.

I'm fairly close; we got Phil and Mike making Elly gobsmacked.

Panel 1: Phil is making strange noises while blowing into the mouthpiece of his trumpet; this causes a doll-boy sized silhouette to appear.

Panel 2: Doll-boy Michael asks Phil what he's doing; Phil, who's holding sheet music in his left hand, says "Practicing". Mike asks "With that?" by which he, of course, means the doo-hickey he's holding.

Panel 3: Phil explains that said thingamabob is the mouthpiece of his trumpet; it actually makes the sound while the body and valves amplify and alter it.

Panel 4: He goes on to tell his mysteriously shrunken nephew that he can make some amazing sounds with his trumpet by pressing his lips against the mouthpiece if his lips are in good shape; right now, he's working on his lips.

Panel 5: Elly, who's doing the dishes, asks her two-foot tall son if he's learning a lot from his uncle; he says "Yeah."

Panel 6: He then alarms his mother by repeating something he doesn't understand; after all, a six year old doesn't know what an adult means when he says "You've never been kissed until you've been kissed by a trumpet player."

Summary: It's too bad that that needy dimwit Connie is showing up tomorrow; I was looking forward to watching that huffy muttonhead Elly lace into Phil for trying to 'corrupt' her shrunken son.