December 26th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 27 December 2009

We can probably expect a new-ruin that has Elly over-react to either John's cloddishness or her children's boredom; that's because Lynn might not want to go with the reprint that has Elly yell because John expresses the mildest distaste for the ugly-ass sweater she got him. To go with that would indicate that Elly is yelling over nothing and in the wrong; since that contradicts the basic premise of the strip, it cannot be reprinted.

Ah, how foolish of me; I forgot that she also resents her brother Alan.

Panel 1: We start off with Phil trying to find something in the fridge.

Panel 2: Since the bottle of apple juice displeases him, we can assume that he's looking for something alcoholic.

Panel 3: This assumption is confirmed when he asks Elly, who's washing dishes, if she's got any beer.

Panel 4: She thinks that there's some wine left over from Christmas dinner.

Panel 5: He says something absurd in response by proclaiming that wine that's been opened and left in the fridge is only good for cooking. The reason that this is nonsense is that his sister buys the cheapest plonk LCBO has to offer so it was just cooking sherry to start with.

Panel 6: He then asks if she's got scotch, tequila, vodka or gin and is told Nope each time; if he'd asked for cervesa, he might have been told Yes.

Panel 7: As she starts talking about putting on a pot of coffee, he finds a bottle of liqueur in the cupboard.

Panel 8: As she stares at him like he's a leper or something, he tells her to not look at him like that; he doesn't have a drinking problem but simply wants something with a little kick to it.

Panel 9: She opens herself up to an assault charge by kicking him in the arse.

Summary: Given that Lynn herself is known to enjoy alcoholic beverages and had Elly bemoan Phil's watering down her parent's bottle of Stoli, this is yet another example of hypocritical humor designed to make the Pattersons look better than they are. In short, their house conserves alcohol.