December 24th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Friday, 25 December 2009

Let's hope that Wednesday's strip was a fluke; we don't need to see Elly get martyred or to see Mike whine that he's bored today of all days.

I should have known better; we get both.

Panel 1: We start with Eyeless Elly PEEL-PEEL-PEEL-PEEL-PEELing one of the potatoes she and the family will later CHOMP-CHEW-GRUNCH-CRUNCH-SLUP-SLORK-GLUT down when it's incredibly hot.

Panel 2: She next BASTES the turkey which is BAKING in the oven; vegetables are BOILING as everything SIZZLES and COOKS.

Panel 3: Instead of SET-PLACE-ARRANGE-STRAIGHTENing the table, she thought-bubbles "Set the table, open the wine, check on desert, make gravy, mash the spuds (Got dang it, Lynn, that's POTATOES, not spuds), cook the veg..."

Panel 4: As Elly takes a casserole out of the oven, Doll-child Michael comes up to her in his zigzag sweater and whines "It's not fair...."

Panel 5: "....once the presents are opened, Christmas is OVER!!" This sentiment astonishes Elly, who's busy mashing the potatoes. Her Christmas will not end until she washes the last dish by herself. She's forced to do that because when John puts the silverware away, he points it the wrong way so she has to rewash everything so it'll be done right.

Summary: Let's see what we didn't need to see. We didn't need the captions 'cause we're not stupid, we didn't need Elly martyring herself because it's just gross and we didn't have to see Mike whine because that got old years ago. It's like expecting a shiny new bike under the tree and getting a 24-pack of tightie-whities.