December 23rd, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Well, now that Connie is around, it's sort of obvious that we're probably in for an inferior re-telling of the "He's single, isn't he?" strip; this bad situation will be made worse by Elly's wanting to 'take care' of her kid brother like a 'caring', 'responsible' older sister should. The result will be a big mess that adds fuel to the stupid grudge Flapandhonk has been holding against him ever since Marian told her to shut up and quit lecturing him.

It'll be Boxing Week when that happens; right now, Mike's gotta check up on Santa.

Panel 1: We see three-foot tall Michael walking down the hall.

Panel 2: He holds onto the border of the panel as he looks at the tree; since there are no presents underneath it, he thought-bubbles "Not yet."

Panel 3: About an hour later, Two-foot tall Mike walks on the staircase.

Panel 4: He again leans into the room, sees that no gifts are under the tree and thinks "Nope, not yet."

Panel 5: An hour after that, he looks in the room and thinks "WHOA!!"

Panel 6: As he sees the gifts that John and Elly have put under the tree, he thought-bubbles "How does Santa DO that??"

Summary: This is a fairly cute strip that a lot of people would probably want to stick on a fridge; too bad that we had the present search and Elly's nasty use of Santa as a threat as antecedents, though. That sort of soured the sweetness we see here.