December 22nd, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Let's see if Lynn can keep the good strips coming; it may seem like an odd thing to say at this late stage in the game but I actually sort of want to miss her when she goes. That's, of course, because I remember what she can do when she tries.

Crap; I knew it wouldn't last.

Panel 1: We start the proceedings in the kitchen. Connie asks Elly if her children are excited about Christmas; Elly, who's burdened with Barnacle Lizzie, says that Michael is.

Panel 2: As they put their coffee cups on the table, Elly says that Lizzie is still to young to really grasp the whole thing.

Panel 3: She then says "She's really not sure what the whole thing is about, are you, honey?" as she and Connie sit down.

Panel 4: Muppet-mouth Connie laughs because Elly's gobsmacked after Lizzie reaches for the cookies that are on the table and says GIMME!!

Summary: The stupid moral of today's strip is that all children think Christmas is about is getting things; since Lizzie's eyes are bigger than her stomach, she can be said to know what's going on after all.