December 12th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Let's hope today's strip is less jarring to behold than last Sunday's; I don't think most of us could take a repeat of last week's mess.

What we get is one hundred percent, guaranteed "Camera in my house" fuel; that's because Annie and Elly share a good chuckle as they anticipate their oncoming Yuletide martyrdom. We start with Annie talking about having done a whole lot of stuff and then admitting she too is pressed for time; for some reason, they bond because of it.

Panel 1: We start with Elly supervising Lizzie and Christopher, whose sweater has a zigzag stripe, as they play with blocks; as Annie pours the coffee, she says "Well, I got the entire house cleaned up..."

Panel 2: As she holds the mugs, she says "...and I'm ready for company."

Panel 3: She smiles as she boasts that she's got all her Christmas shopping done and her gifts are wrapped.

Panel 4: Not only that, she wrote a three-page Christmas newsletter and sent out all the cards AGES ago.

Panel 5: She's even bought the turkey, made the stuffing and cranberry sauce and done all her baking.

Panel 6: There's nothing left now but to sit back and enjoy the holidays.

Panel 7: Elly's look of confusion is sort of understandable; she's wondering how Annie was able to find all that time.

Panel 8: In any event, Annie admits that she was kidding about having done all that; she's hardly even started to prepare for the holiday.

Panel 9: The two of them hug and laugh uproariously as they anticipate racing around in a blind panic and yelling at husbands who ask stupid questions they HATE!! about how they invest their time. Also, we get to look at Elly's country-wide ass. Again.

Summary: I'm sort of glad it's a more benign outing than last week but not that glad; I don't like it when people waste time like these two and then rush around mindlessly because of it.