December 9th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Given that Elly didn't HIDE-HIDE-HIDE the Christmas gifts well enough to keep Mike from SEEK-SEEK-SEEKing and OPEN-OPEN-OPENing them, we're probably in for her yelling at him for ruining Christmas for everyone. This is because she's not that bright and not that nice.

It's Mike spoiling Christmas for one of his parents and thinking he got away with it.

Panel 1: We see him at the crawl space where he would one day find the Miracle Dress; right now, he's found something else and thought-bubbles "No way!! I bet this is the monster truck I asked for!!"

Panel 2: As he starts to unwrap it, he thinls to himself "Maybe if I pull the tape off ve-e-e-e-ry carefully...."

Panel 3: He's horrified to find that it's 'just' a stoopid coffee maker; it'll be until he has children of his own and a computer to ticka-tacka-tappa away at for him to appreciate this present.

Panel 4: With his face scrunched up, he hastily rewraps the gift in a flurry of sound-effects and thinks "There!..."

Panel 5: "...They'll never know I touched it!!" Given the horrible job he did, something tells me they will.

Summary: It seems to me that Elly might actually have been smart enough to hide his and Lizzie's presents where he'd have genuine difficulty getting them; this leaves me answered with a question mark. That's because I don't know if he'll be yelled at for opening things or be made to endure someone crowing about outsmarting her child.