December 6th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Monday, 7 December 2009

Now that we're in for the holiday tradition of calling Phil evil because Connie is too stupid to understand what a one-sided relationship is and Elly is too stupid to let go of her childhood, let's see what faces us this week. Probably more of John not understanding how hard Elly's life is.

Actually, it's a reprint from 22 December 1980:

Panel 1: As he and Michael put on their winter gear, Lawrence says "Boy! Your mom's sure nice to take us to see Santa!"

Panel 2: He then asks Mike, who's putting on a hat, "But I thought you already come you're going again?"

Panel 3: Mike says that he doesn't think that Santa got his whole list the first time.

Summary: What we're looking at, of course, is the start of an Aesop about the evils of materialism which will culminate in Michael* calling his teacher a nut for saying to not be greedy this Christmas; given that the Pattersons are, by nature, filled with bug-eyed greed, the hypocrisy is somewhat appalling.

(* Who, as we know, is someone with a bottomless sense of entitlement with a penchant for assigning his sister cruel nicknames out of wanton malice and who will, twenty-odd years later, leave his family to shiver on a rickety fire escape to rescue a laptop, the dick.)