November 29th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Monday, 30 November 2009

Let's hope that we see something that isn't "Connie and Elly are too stupid to understand what one-way relationships are" this morning; I'd rather not have more of people wrapping themselves in the Victimization Snuggie because they're too stupid to know How Things Work and blame their mental infirmities on the people around them.

In today's new-ruin, we see Elly made of failure; that's because Mike whines his way into watching a commercial that she's grown tired of.

Panel 1: We see long-headed Elly, Lizzie and Michael watching television in the overly-detailed Den of Straight-edges; a subtle-as-a-mallet department store ad - "Christmas is coming/ Hi-ho, hi-ho/Christmas is coming/Buy Now, Buy NOW" - is on right now.

Panel 2: After being told that Santa says "Don't miss all the savings" because Christmas is coming, Buy NOW!!!, Elly picks up the remote and tries clicking away from it to something she can tolerate; Mike objects to this.

Panel 3: The reason, of course, is that this annoying chunk of propaganda is his favorite commericial; Elly tries pointing out that he's seen it a million times.

Panel 4: Since he's a small child, he wants to see it again; he expresses this desire by yelling "I wanna see it!! Please? Please? PLEASE? PLEASE? PLEASE??" This causes her to adopt a new facial expression: the Stricken Look of Martyrdom.

Panel 5: After she clicks back to the commercial, she thought-bubbles that the most successful sales tool is repetition.

Summary: I know we're supposed to feel sorry for poor, put-upon Elly because her annoying son Mike wants to subject her to a commercial that bugs her but I sort of know better; that's because I remember that children his age love repetitive stuff and don't understand why older people say things like "You've listened to that a thousand times so give it a rest."