November 9th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Today's strip will probably remind us that John doesn't play fair or support Elly in any way because he expects her to have to interact with her children when she's being a big-time, famous writer; since he's not a male Deanna who lives to isolate his moody failure of a spouse from the inconvenient need their children have for love and affection, he's the worst monster in history.

Panel 1: Elly, who has her story in hand, tells the others that she's ready to read it to them; John tells Mike and Lizzie to gather 'round.

Panel 2: As John and the kids sit on the couch wait for Elly to tell her story, she says "Let's see...this is a story about my childhood. Um...let's get to the right!!" because the notion of exposing herself to criticism gives her the wicked jeebies.

Panel 3: She expresses said discomfort by getting all bug-eyed and asking herself why she's so nervous about reading her writing to her own family. John tells her to relax...

Panel 4: ...because they'll enjoy her story. Mike says yeah...

Panel 5: mattter how bad it is. Elly and John are both gobsmacked; her at his remark and John 'cause the kid stole his line.

Summary: Since Elly is Lynn, Flapandhonk's testy refusal to share her output with her unappreciative family is pretty much a parable for her creator simpering about how she doesn't want to be told that she made mistakes any more so she's going to throw up her hands and quit like a petulant child.

ETA: I have three words for you: "Lest we forget."

Elly's Short Story

Here is what I imagine Elly will write for her class:
Collapse )
A note on the names: Lynn gave most of her major characters the middle names of their real-life counterparts. Aaron's middle name is Michael, Kate's middle name is Elizabeth, and Rod's middle name is John (yup--Roderick John Johnston!). So I imagined Elly doing the same with Michael, Liz, and John. I liked the idea that John's full name is John Pat Patterson because of the whole Roderick John Johnston thing. :)
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