October 30th, 2009

Hells Yes!

Outside Opinion Confirms Known Fact: We're Not Jealous and Bitter, the Pattersons Really are Whacked

I don't have a car so I take the bus to/from work, and I was talking to another woman who works in the same mall during the ride home last night when she brought up her ex and the fact they still have feelings for one another. That brought Lizthony to mind so I decided to bounce their dysfunctional story off her under the guise of talking about a chick I used to know. Suffice it to say my new friend thinks Anthony is a douche, feels sorry for Therese, and considers Liz devoid of sense and intelligence. Oh, and if we'd had more time to discuss Mike and Dee, I'm sure she'd have had steam coming out her ears because the little I had time to tell her had her not much liking Mikerobe At All. She was most disgusted with Liz's "OMG! I'm 25 and not yet married moaaaaaaaaaaanwailweep!" attitude, and I said, "You'd have to know her parents. They're whacked." *G*
Snarky Candiru2

Saturday, 31 October 2009

Since we're going in sequence, the next strip that appears will be the one in which John takes advantage of a moral panic to gorge himself on homemade treats while leaving Mike to consume preprocessed goo.

Panel 1: Space-Guy Mike and Bat-Lawrence yell TRICK OR TREAT as Canadian Mrs Wilson puts popcorn balls into their treat bags while John smiles somewhat crypticly.

Panel 2: As he reaches into their bags about five seconds later, he says "Just a minute...MUNCH-CHEW-CHOMP...I'd better make sure...CHOMP-CHEW-GLUT...that this stuff is safe..."

Panel 3: "...you can never...MUNCH-SLURP...trust anything homemade." Lawrence says that it's a good thing that John was the point-man for trick-or-treating.

Panel 4: Since he's, like five or six or something, he isn't being ironic when he praises John for protecting them from four popcorn balls, two taffy apples and six pieces of homemade fudge.

Summary: As was said yesterthread, the razor-blade in the apple myth is a moral panic and John is a greedy pig who wants to spin it to fill his face and leave Mike to eat crap. At least we find out Monday that Mike's selfishness, pettiness and greed keep Lizzie from rotting her teeth and potentially choking on hard candy.