October 28th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Thursday, 29 October 2009

I'd like to think that Lynn would give us some time to recover from yesterday's case of whiplash but I sort of know better; I have no idea what we're about to see but I DO know she has no problem with making it totally unrelated to what we have seen.

If she does follow the current plotline, we could either see the sleep-with-my-eyes-open strip or a rip-off of Dennis the Menace that has Mike wash Elly's typewriter in the kitchen sink.

I was right the first time; it's a Halloween strip from 1979.

Panel 1: We see a smiling Elly reading a pitcure book about Halloween to a regressed Lizzie.

Panel 2: We see Mike in close-up as he shows up and says "Hey, Ma! I finished digging out the pumpkin!"

Panel 3: As he stands there holding pumpkin innards and asking Elly where she wants him to put all the gucky stuff he's holding, we see that Elly is gobsmacked.

Summary: This is because she's forgotten that Mike is fivesix years old and doesn't know what to do with pumpkin guts; having had no prior experience, he can't help but screw up. Too bad he has Elly for a Mom because he isn't going to learn; she'll somehow blow the opportunity to bond with her son by sharing an experience as well as teach him by example what she expects of him.