October 26th, 2009

Cynical Candiru

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

spotts1701 has learned that Elly caves into Mike's demand to want a costume from the store only to have him decide he'd prefer home-made after all; the only question that faces us is what Elly's reaction is. Will she Mother Gobsmacked or Lady Scrunched-up Face?

The latter....I think.

Panel 1: We pick up the story at the store whose ads Elly hates; as Mike and Lawrence take point, Connie tells Elly, who's pushing Lizzie in her stroller, that homemade costumes are nice but this is so much easier.

Panel 2: it's a matter of going to to the store where the kid sees what he wants, gets it and everyone goes home.

Panel 3: As she declares "No fuss, no muss, DONE!", we notice that Mike clearly wants a Space Guy costume. For now.

Panel 4: What Connie clearly didn't anticipate is how changeable Mike's mind is; that's because he says that he changed his mind just as they're about to head home. Elly's response is what to scrunch up her face into what karisu_sama calls The Underbite Of Evil.

Summary: As howtheduck said in his blog yesterday, this strip serves the purpose of telling us that Connie isn't as good a mother as Elly is because she doesn't have it as hard. If Lawrence were as difficult to raise as Mike, she'd be a better parent.