October 19th, 2009

Calm Candiru

Coffee Talk, the week of 19 October 2009

I don't actually think that too many people will be allowed to notice that, since Lynn can't seem to see how best to reintroduce the Adult Education story arc, John is made to look as if he has the memory span of a goldfish; what I do expect to see is a mildly spirited debate about Mike and his spending habits.

ETA: The official line down at Foob Central is that they goofed up and sent in the strips in the wrong sequence or some such thing. This sort of half-assed ass-covering which hearkens back to the Crane-Crow debacle means that any comments about any sort of error will go unseen.
Snarky Candiru2

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Due to an error at Foob Central, the strip that the Syndicate marks as occuring today was supposed to have appeared yesterday. This means that Lynn wants us to ignore the presence of this strip in today's papers:

Panel 1: As she and Elly get ready to sit down and drink their coffee, Connie asks "So, you're taking a night school course." Elly says "Uh-huh! Creative Writing; it's a new course and I was lucky to get in."

Panel 2: She then says that John is fine with the kids for one evening a week and if he needs help, Annie is just a phone call away.

Panel 3: Connie says that she's glad that Elly's going back to school as she's talked about it so often. Elly says "I know, and I'm finally doing it."

Panel 4: She then smiles and says that she had to run out of excuses before she ran out of time.

Summary: This is a mildly-better strip than the one it replaced because it has Elly admit to being flawed; too bad that life will end up teaching her that she's sane and the whole pea-packing rest of the world is crazy.
and wait until the material synchs up to comment on things. That isn't something I want to do; what I want to do is compare it with whatever it is that fborfw.com calls the Official Strip of The Day and ask why we were being asked to do all this.

The official strip for the day is the one I thought that this one replaced:

Panel 1: Having finally admitted that she'd ran out of excuses to go back to University, Elly makes the crossed-arms-palms-out gesture and tells Connie that rather than getting a job now, she'll pick up the credits she's missing and maybe get her degree.

Panel 2: As we switch focus to Mike and Lawrence, we see her see that she just wishes she'd taken her education seriously when she'd had the chance.

Panel 3: Thinking that she means 'I had a lot of options before I was stuck chasing after kids' instead of 'Take YOUR education seriously, kiddo!', Mike tells Lawrence that they should leave because she knows that they're listening.

Summary: While I know that people in Elly's position would have every right to feel conflicted about parenthood, I don't think she's doing herself a favor here. It seems to me that she's setting it up so that Mike is against her getting a job or continuing her schooling because he thinks it's a slam against him and not a rather-unsubtle reminder not to slack off with his schoolwork.