October 18th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Monday, 19 October 2009

I suppose that for the next little while, we'll be seeing a bunch of random strips to make up for the hole Lynn punched into the time-line so she could introduce Farley too early. I also suppose that any of them that present John in a positive light or Elly in a good mood will either not appear or be modified to suit current needs.

Well, I'm partly right; Lynn trots out the belly-dancing strip today.

Panel 1: We start with John looking over a smiling Elly's shoulder as she reads a pamphlet; he asks "What is this...a nightschool program?"

Panel 2: As he reads the pamphlet, which has the title 'Continuing Education' superimposed over a photo of a sunrise, she explains that she is enrolling in a creative writing course. I have no idea whether he forgot she said she was going to do that two weeks ago or not; in any event, this seems to be news to him.

Panel 3: In any event, he does know enough to think that this is a bad idea; he expresses this discomfort by making the palms-out gesture and saying "Creative Writing?! Everybody's doing Creative Writing. Why not take something practical?"

Panel 4: She grimaces in annoyance as he half-jokingly suggests the examples gourmet cooking and belly dancing.

Summary: As I said in Panel 2, it would appear to an outside observer that John's memory is somewhat faulty because he can't remember a conversation he had two weeks ago. Does Lynn intend that we think of him as thinking that what Elly says isn't worth remembering or is she simply doing what she did during the Declining Years and piling up strips that all say the same thing no matter how dense it makes the Pattersons look? Either way, the result is the same.

ETA: According to Stephanie Van Dolewoord, we were actually supposed to see this today:

Panel 1: As she and Elly get ready to sit down and drink their coffee, Connie asks "So, you're taking a night school course." Elly says "Uh-huh! Creative Writing; it's a new course and I was lucky to get in."

Panel 2: She then says that John is fine with the kids for one evening a week and if he needs help, Annie is just a phone call away.

Panel 3: Connie says that she's glad that Elly's going back to school as she's talked about it so often. Elly says "I know, and I'm finally doing it."

Panel 4: She then smiles and says that she had to run out of excuses before she ran out of time.

Summary: This is a mildly-better strip than the one it replaced because it has Elly admit to being flawed; too bad that life will end up teaching her that she's sane and the whole pea-packing rest of the world is crazy.

It seems that the strips for the week were sent out of order. At least that's the official story.