October 13th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Now that we're back in Random Reprint Country, let's see what direction Elly's agony comes from today. My guess is that she's made to feel bad because the school sends Mike home because he has a fever and shouldn't be out and about.

I wish I were right; that's because what really faces us is Lynn's disturbing take on the father-daughter bond.

Panel 1: We start today's strip with a close-up on Lizzie, who's wearing those overalls with the ruffled shoulders that agitate most of us. Lynn further antagonizes us all by the means by which Lizzie shows her appreciation for the cookies she's eating. That's because Lizzie talks Hulkspeak and says "Uh! Cookie! Num-num! Cookie GOOD! Nizzie eat cookie!"

Panel 2: We zoom out to show a smiling John and Elly; John uses Lynnglish to indicate how he feels about his daughter and says "She's growing up, Elly. She's walking and talking and turning into a real little girl."

Panel 3: Lynn indicates her displeasure that Rod and Katie were forming an emotional bond she wasn't part of by twisting his harmless comment "I just hope I have a few years before she she finds another boyfriend." into something unhealthy; she accomplishes this by making John's smile look positively predatory.

Summary: As everyone is about to say, he need not worry; in twnety-five years or so, she'll marry a man so like him, the realtionship will be incest-by-proxy.

Career Advice From Lynn

This is kind of an odd find: a podcast interview with Lynn at a career-advice website. We know LJ's career experience is mostly "opportunity falls into lap." She rolls out her usual stuff about being on time and rants about the young people. One interesting thing was that she said that living in Lynn Lake in the early years was a good thing because it helped her focus. Also, she said that while she made a point of not directly lifting her kids' experiences for the strip, she said that she used certain conversations with Rod verbatim. "One time, I asked Rod, 'Does this dress make me look fat?' and he said 'Yes.' I got upset with him and he said, 'Sorry, I didn't mean to be honest.'"