October 10th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 11 October 2009

I really have no idea if Lynn will remind us that this is Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada; if she does, we're in for Pattersnarfing. If not, though, just about any damned thing could happen.

It has nothing to do with the joys of gluttony; the reprint we have to see can best be described by the sentence "Mattel Toys presents Multiplication by Zero Theatre featuring Elly Patterson." This is, of course, because of what sort of object causes her to unhinge her jaws and yell.

Panel 1: Our story begins in the kitchen of the Pattermanse as Mike plays with a toy car; since he's seven and thus not overburdened with foresight, he, without intending to, loses the thing under the fridge.

Panel 2: Since his arms aren't long enough to reach for it, he yells for MOM!!!

Panel 3: Elly says she doesn't see his car and asks him if he's sure it went under the fridge.

Panel 4: Her face is scrunched up in the Fugly Frown of Frustration as she struggles to reach the thing.

Panel 5: Mike whistles while Elly tries using a broom handle to get the thing out and curses under her breath.

Panel 6: Her use of a ruler succeeds in getting it out.

Panel 7: A happy Mike thanks her and looks for an uncarpeted surface with fewer obstacles.

Panel 8: Elly, who's no doubt furious because she had to waste time on this when there are sheets to be shaved and an attic to dust, unhinges her jaw and yells "From now on, we buy LARGE toys."

Summary: This is, of course, because Negative Woman thought that Mike did this on purpose to ruin her day, stifle her creativity and deny her her ability to express herself. She can't accept that he made an honest mistake because he's a regular kid with the mental limitations implicit in not having been around long enough to figure out what will happen in any given circumstance.