October 7th, 2009

Indignant Candiru

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Now that Lynn has replaced a perfectly-good old-run that made John look like a dick with one that simply makes him look like a smart-ass who wants to eat palatable food, it's sort of obvious that she's going to update the Elly-goes-to-night-school arc in a way that makes things more ridiculous than they were back when she cared. As an example of her not caring, I expect to see a sudden vacancy in the class that will allow Elly to attend now instead of waiting until after New Years' like she originally did.

Well, paint me green and call me Gumby! It's a rather bland filler strip that has Annie telling Elly to treat herself to something.

Panel 1: We start today's strip at Annie's back porch. Elly, who's holding Lizzie in her arms says "I'd like to run downtown for an hour or so, Anne; would you look after Lizzie for me?" Annie says "Sure thing."

Panel 2: AS Elly passes a happy Lizzie over to her, Annie asks her what she has to do; Elly says that she's kind of down in the dumps so she thought that she'd go shopping.

Panel 3: Annie asks her what kind of shopping she'd be doing and uses shoes for an example; Elly, who hasn't it in her to buy cute shoes to feel better about life owing to a lack of imagination, says that she doesn't need shoes; she'll just get groceries instead.

Panel 4: Anne reminds her that buying groceries will not snap her out of her funk and makes her promise that she'll buy something nice for HERSELF for once; Elly agrees to this.

Panel 5: Elly laughs at Annie's saying "And it can't be edible unless it's chocolate."

Summary: It's about time someone out there that she'd actually listen to told Elly to treat herself to something nice; if Annie hadn't said so, Elly would continue on her un-merry way stinting herself in the stupid belief that denying herself the good things in life is good.

ETA: The latest banner reminds us all that Canadian Thanksgiving weekend is coming up; let's see if Lynn remembers that Americans have their turkey day a month and a half later.