October 5th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

spotts1701 has learned that today's strip is a chunk of heavy-handed foreshadowing that reminds us that Elly is destined to own a book-store for three years only to sell it because she got frustrated with not being able to shriek and fly into a blind rage when confronted with the reasonable requests of her customersshe didn't want it to own her.

Panel 1: We find ourselves at a mall food court; Connie, who doesn't seem to have a job either, launches us into things by telling Elly that she needs a career; Elly says she knows.

Panel 2: Connie pledges her allegiance to Lynn's belief that jobs simply fall out of the sky by asking Elly what she would be if she could simply snap her fingers and be anything that isn't "stay-at-home-mother"; Elly murmurs.

Panel 3: She then shows how ill-prepared she is to deal with the real world by making the following nebulous statement: "Well, I love books; I love literature and poetry and drama. I would be someone who did something that invovles books."

Panel 4: We zoom out for a second to see that she's gobsmacked by a fight between Mike and Lizzie; it appears that the future Delicate Genius has taken exception to Sistwirp's taking for from his plate and they're making a four-star production of it.

Panel 5: This leads to Connie making the Sticky-out-tongue Laugh of Malice at Elly's statement that she rarely has time to read.

Summary: We get it, Lynn; Elly's hopes to Make Something Of Herself are always going to run into the brick wall of having to deal with a group of needy, entitled children and asshole husband who don't want her to be anythong other than their slave. Never mind that she doesn't actually apply herself to anything other than being a whining failure; everything is always someone else's fault.