September 29th, 2009

Full Moon Wo Sagashite

A n00b's silly question...

I saw some biographies of minor characters on this community, and I was thinking of creating one for Pablo for very stupid reasons (I'm Brazilian).

I would like to know when Lawrence was born. I'm sorry for the dumb question, but I'm fairly If Lawrence was born before 1985... It would be too corny if I were to kill Pablo?

Connie's reunion with Pablo would only be her imagining what would happen if the two were to meet again... Before learning he probably got killed before their child was born.

I just thought Pablo would be the kind of person who would get arrested or killed if he ever dreamed of returning to Brazil before 1985, when the Brazilian Military Dictatorship ended.

Maybe he decided returning to Brazil to visit relatives or even was sent there and shit happened.

I'm probably being stupid and offensive, though.
Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Now that Mike has chickened out on talking to Deanna, we can expect to see one of two things happen. One, he can continue to fail and two, Lynn will change subjects so quickly, it'll make us dizzy.

It's the former; Deanna talks in an age-inappropriate fashion and treats Mike like a piece of crap.

Panel 1: On the bus ride home, Deanna tells the little girl that she's sitting next too that her family had an okay house in Burlington but they couldn't sell the one they had here. This, of course, is a concept that would mean nothing to a real six year old.

Panel 2: So would the next wall of text she delivers; no sixc year old would have noticed that Wilf's old boss had missed him or that he'd go on to ask him to be the manager of a fancy new store; she'd know that Mira said "Yes" to something but not to that thing.

Panel 3: She might possibly, however, tell people that that being back in her old house is cool because she gets to hang out with her old friends.

Panel 4: The only thing that does make any sense is giving Mike the hearty Bronx cheer she does as he passes by; that's because she doesn't consider him to be a friend at all.

Summary: How will Mike react to Deanna's acting like a real six year old? Will he lash out at someone weaker than he is? Will he let that "Blaarrpppffffbbt!" sit is his stomach and fester? Do you care?
Indignant Candiru

The Liography of Candace Halloran.

As I said on the Foobiverse, the the Liography of Candace Halloran is finally here and ready to be dissected. If you can plough through it, you'll see that our gag Liography wasn't that far off.

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Skimming over it, I noticed the following irritating things:

- Candace's school has a zero-tolerance bullying policy that matches a zero moral courage policy.

- The reason she's messed up is because her birth parents fight like rats in a cage.

- Candace's dad is the one who's in her corner emotionally but not the one the courts gave custody to.

- Her mom's asshole second husband that she won't do anything about becuase having a mayyyyyyunnnnn, any MAAAAYYYYYYYUUUUUUUNNNNNNN, is far more important than a trivial thing like the happiness of her child is Luke the Puke; he comes equipped with an entitled slacker son named Craig who everyone is expected to fuss over.

- Her fellow punker, Duane, is also the product of a troubled childhood.

- Liz is depicted as being too trusting and naive to live in this ugly world.

- Ruby and Rudy are the only good parts of her life.

Now to the good:

- Her happiness is the direct result of rejecting the values that the Pattersons live by; by renouncing Milborough and its hypocritical moral code, she finally knows what joy, happiness and love are.