September 28th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Having established that the Sobinskis have returned to the Holy City of Milborough for a nonsensical reason*, let's see what kind of blunder Mike makes in trying to express his age-inappropriate crush on an uncomprehending Deanna.

(*: A less nonsensical reason would be that the chain of hardware stores Wilf was part of sent its franchisees to be trained on a new invoicing system; rather than have him commute, they all agreed to live in an apartment for the duration while renting their house for the Spring.)

Panel 1: We start off in the hallway of Mike's school as he tails Deanna.

Panel 2: We shift camera angles to show him walking beside her better.

Panel 3: We shift from a profile to a rear shot as he bumps into her and says "Oops" instead of "Where did that caption come from? Is this the campy sixties Batman TV show?"

Panel 4: As she looks him in the eye, he tells Deanna "Sorry."

Panel 5: A few minutes later, we're at the bus stop as Mike tells Lawrence that he talked to her.

Summary: Since Mike won't actually say anything because it causes syndromes that would require him to be checked out by Foreman and House, we're in for a week of annoying nonsense like this.

Questions for my foefic(s)

Hi everyone, I hope you don't mind me asking some questions for the foefics that I'm planning. If you do mind, let me know and I'll delete the entry. I wish they had all of the FBOFW comics online, but the strips only went as far back to 2001 when Liz returned to college from Mike's wedding, and I was only a sporadic reader before that.

I have three fics planned; the first one will be April-centric, the second about Liz, and the third will be about the Pattersons if they lived in circa 1919 Canada, and possibly a sequel to that.

How would you define Liz's and April's relationship before Liz went off to college? I know Liz was expected to babysit April whenever she was home...did Liz resent this, or was she a good "second mother"? Or did she lord it over April?

When Liz went off to college, did April miss her?

I know that Michael was mean to Liz growing up, but how did he treat April? The more recent pre-rerun strips barely had him interacting with April, so I can't tell.

Where is the best place I can go to learn more about Objiway culture and history?

I also need whatever sites you guys use when you need Objiway words!

After April nearly drowned, did she ever exhibit any fear around water? Was she afraid of swimming or going in the bath?

Thanks for answering my questions!