September 26th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Let's see what greets our tired eyes this time; perhaps Elly will be filled with despair because John forgot to use a coaster.

I'm close; in today's effort, John has a great day out with the kids at the local farmer's market which somehow leads to Elly being filled with the same sort of despair Marie had in the pilot episode of Everybody loves Raymond wherein she whined about there being too much fruit in her house. Reason: Elly's delusion that John bought a bushel of apples for the sole purpose of making work (which had to be done that God-damned second) for her.

Panel 1: We start off with John arriving at the farmer's market.

Panel 2: He hums to himself as he, Lizzie and Mike walk to where the stands are. Elly is home, presumably cleaning the baseboards with a toothbrush.

Panel 3: We see the three of them amidst their fellows as they look at the various stands; the strange thing is that the people, although long-headed, are not otherwise especially misshapen.

Panel 4: He pays modern-day Gordon Mayes five bucks for some veggies.

Panel 5: As Lizzie looks on, he and Mike gaze in wonderment at a bushel of apples.

Panel 6: They drive home in the hovermobile.

Panel 7: He shows his purchases to a horrified Elly; seeing the bushel of apples has caused her left arm to deform.

Panel 8: A frowning, put-upon Elly is busy peeling apples to make into pies, presumably freeting about evil husbands who have nothing better to do than pile work on to busy mothers who have no help and no time to themselves.

Summary: John didn't actually buy them so she could immediately peel and cook them but she doesn't know that; what's more, she'd get quite angered if she were to be told that. The notion that he didn't expect her to work herself to the bone all day long would be so confusing, so alien to her way of thinking, being asked to consider it would send her into a tearing rage. This does not, as Lynn thinks, make her symapthetic to regular people; it makes her the sort of woman who'd howl and gripe after a free lunch because she has no idea what to do with the money she saved.