September 25th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Saturday, 26 September 2009

We probably won't see the strip that has John ask an exhausted Elly what's for supper since all Elly had to do was be polite and pretend she cared what other people thought; what we will have, however, is a strip that makes him look like a big jerk by other means.

We have that strip's evolutionary replacement wherein John doesn't get how great it is that Elly not be oppressed by free time.

Panel 1: As they gets ready for bed, Elly wallops us over the head with a wall of text about her day. She starts off with "*WHEW*!! That was quite a day, John; getting the kids ready in the morning and rushing downtown is a real effort."

Panel 2: She then points out that getting used to office routines, ringing phones, the comings and goings of patients and filing of charts was exhausting.

Panel 3: What really almost did her in was coming home to fix dinner and getting the kids to bed.

Panel 4: John reacts to this torrent of consciousness by supposing that being a working mother isn't that great after all.

Panel 5: She says "Are you KIDDING?? It's WONDERFUL!!"

Summary: John's reaction not only reflects his archaic values and selfish refusal to admit error, it also demonstrates his inability to see how all the time Elly has to spare is a horrible burden. The more she has to do, the happier she is.