September 23rd, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Thursday, 24 September 2009

I should think that today's strip will be a new-ruin that either has John ram his foot into his gob because he won't take Elly's passive hints that what Doctor Moron might be a problem seriously or be made to look like a shit because he can't read Elly's mind; gotta keep the hatred flowing, after all, right?

I'm close; it's Elly telling John that she can't stand his friend Ted.

Panel 1: We see John and Elly seated at their table preparing to Pattersnarf. Elly tells John that she cannot figure out why he likes Ted McCaul(a/e)y; John says that he's okay once you get to know him.

Panel 2: In an attempt to tell John Ted is not okay, she asks how a family doctor who works with the public all the time can be, as she puts it, socially inept.

Panel 3: John indicates his refusal to see the problem by telling Elly she just doesn't get his sense of humor; "Sense of humor?", she asks and then says that he's downright rude.

Panel 4: In an attempt to get Elly to feel sorry for a man he himself looks down on, John says "Nah! He just can't control his mouth."

Panel 5: Elly's response is to say that's because there's always a foot in it. John is gobsmacked because Elly has mixed her metaphors again.

Summary: She doesn't succeed in weaning John away from Ted today but we do know that she eventually does wheedle her way into T-boning their friendship because she doesn't like him being exposed to people who don't think like she does.