September 21st, 2009

Indignant Candiru

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

As spotts1701 said, the classic strip that had John stand there and smile as Doctor Ted insulted Elly has been replaced (possibly to appear later in the week) by a new-ruin wherein she is run ragged by the job's demands on her time. This means that it's easier for Lynn to turn Elly into a martyr than it is explain who Ted is.

Panel 1: We start out with Elly asking someone on the phone to please hold because she's telling Mister Piranha to be seated because John will be with him in a minute.

Panel 2: A little while later, she asks to speak with someone in Accounting; upon being that no one is available right now, she asks to have the person return her call for Doctor Patterson.

Panel 3: Later still, she tells a patient on the phone to please come back at 2:00 tomorrow while asking Mrs Cleanairsystems to sign a form.

Panel 4: John, who's holding an X-ray, asks a bleary-eyed Elly if she'd like a break; having been driven to the point of exhaustion by the simple tasks we've seen here, she thought-bubbles "Please" like he's a big idiot.

Summary: This foreshadows her selling off Lilliputs because the oh-so-ordinary demands on her time were too excruciating to bear.