September 18th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Since we had a new-ruin yesterday that reminded us that motherhood is a horrible burden that everyone is forced to endure and that the Pattersons have a dog, we're probably going to see the strip that was next in sequence: John reminding us that he hates his job. Then again, we could skip over it to see that John will not defend Elly from Ted's patronizing remarks.

It's WORSE; we get a new-ruin that reminds us that John hasn't an iota of sympathy for the needs of the 'girls' in his employ.

Panel 1: As they bomb down the road in their hovercar, John tells Elly that he was glad she was able to help him out like this; she says that it's no problem.

Panel 2: He says that when the girl he'd hired to take Jean's place cancelled at the last minute, he thought he was up the creek. Elly's response of "MMM" means that Lynn is tired of reading letters that take her to task for writing the "HUM" she hears when people murmur and decided to throw her critics a bone.

Panel 3: She also decides to get the people who hate John on side by having him rant in a whining tone of voice about the reasons the woman cancelled. He sighs, says "It's always something: maternity leave, PMS, family issues, personal stuff....", clucks his tongue...

Panel 4: and says "WOMEN!!"; this, for some incomprehensible reason, astonishes Elly.

Summary: His attitude doesn't surprise me in the least; unlike Elly, I knew going in that Captain Daddy thinks that the women of the world only exist to serve his needs exactly when he needs them sated. I know the type and know why they think like that; simple as paper, Mommy catered to his every whim for years on end and he never outgrew the expectation that anything female was duty-bound to drop everything when he needed something.