September 12th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 13 September 2009

I would like to think that we'd have a change of pace and see one of the light, sweet strips that Lynn used to be famous for but it's obvious that all we'll get to see is what it is that Elly wants to escape from: her horrible children, filthy dog and jackass husband.
ETA: In today's reprint, we see Elly feeling like a fool because John brought her to a party to "humiliate" her. At any rate, that's her story and she's sticking to it; it is, after all, "his fault" that she doesn't understand what he does for a living and that the other dentist's wives make her feel inadequate.

Panel 1: John and Elly are at a party; the host, who I'll call Mister Shazam, greets them with a hearty "Great to see you guys!"
Panel 2: John and Elly look around at the crowd.
Panel 3: Elly listens in on a story one of John's fellow dentists (who I'll call Doctor Brooke-Hamster) is telling about the Patent From Hell; given that the technical language ("Well, I can't do an apicoectomy so I open the [edited] tooth and find a sixth canal so it's ream and file, ream and file...") all sounds like blither-blither-blither to her, she can't join in.
Panel 4: She gravitates over to where the other wives are and finds no joy conversation-wise. This is because Mrs Essence is telling Mrs Entity about how a third woman buys some product because the cheaper one makes her eyebows fall out to which Mrs Entity replies "Disgusting!" while Mrs Zepellin tells Mrs Dirigible about how she had to tell Mr Zepellin that a real facial costs. Since the conversation isn't about cooking, cleaning and kids, Elly feels left out and unable to compete with such glittering creatures.
Panel 5: Since she has no one to talk to, she feels like a silly fool and stands there facing us looking for sympathy.
Panel 6: She strikes up a conversation with her intellectual equal, her host's pet parrot; she asks it "What's new?"

Summary: This, of course, is meant to elicit our sympathies as Lynn always felt a little out of place at dental conventions; it should be noted that she seems not to have taken too much time to ask herself how Rod felt attending her functions.