September 10th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Friday, 11 September 2009

Sadly, we all know what will greet us today: John whining to Jean that if Elly drops Lizzie off at a sitter while she gets a paying job, he won't have a hooooooome!!!! The pay-off is that he gets all pissy and bellows at Jean after she oinks at him for being a male chauvinist pig. In other words, it's Rod getting kicked in the crotch because he resents being treated as a buffoonish caricature because Lynn hates Lynn Lake.

Panel 1: As John works on a set of dentures, he tells Jean he knows that it's selfish of him but he likes knowing where Elly is. Translation: he's too stupid to realize that Elly could hire a gigolo so his belief that by keeping her from working is keeping her from cheating on him is stupider than Hell.

Panel 2: As he sterilizes an instrument with a Bunsen burner, he states that he doesn't like the idea of working mothers; this is because a house should be a hoooooooooooome. Translated into English, this means that any devation from what he expects in life is totally wrong.

Panel 3: He says that she can call him him narrow-minded....

Panel 4: ...but oink at him one more time and the Labor Relations Board and Human Rights Commission of Ontario will arm-wrestle over who gets to eat his head for breakfast after they hit him with a wrongful termination suitshe's fired.

Summary: Not only is this stupid, annoying, dated and a blatant attempt to punish Rod for forcing her to live in a dreary little town without shopping malls, it's about to be followed with the "But my mother did" bullshit.