September 9th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Now that that we've been reminded that poor, dear, downtrodden Elly has spent sooooo much time cleaning floors and changing diapers that she's forgotten her super-important destiny, it's obvious that we're about to see that her cruel, selfish tyrant of a husband wants to keep her from ever having the chance to rediscover it. Sure, it might look to outsiders that Elly is maybe qualified to run a lemonade stand (provided that she bought the lemonade at a supermarket) and that John wants to protect her from herself but only haters and picky-faces think that's the case. Said horrible people will also make nasty remarks about how ill-timed yesterday's strip was.

Sometimes, I God-damned HATE being right.

Panel 1: As she and John work on someone I'll call Ms McFuffidge, Jean says that now that Mike is in school, she guesses that Elly will be getting a job.

Panel 2: Instead of reminding her that Lizzie still needs at least one parent or that Elly has no marketable skills, a scowling, petulant John says that he hopes the issue never comes up. Meanwhile, Ms McFuffidge probably wishes that these two idiots would shut up and pay attention to what they're doing.

Panel 3: He gets all defensive as he bleats to an angered Jean that he's "not holding her back or anything, mind you; she can be as liberated as the rest of them...".

Panel 4: " long as she does it at home". This confuses Jean and angers Ms McFuffidge almost as much as his being two seconds away from sticking a probe in her ear does.

Summary: It angers me for a different reason; not only is John a cartoon ogre, I find it appalling that Rod had to deal with this sort of public humiliation day after day without complaint. Not only did he have to fight off the misapprehension that he was John, he also had to deal with the hit his reputation as a dentist took.