September 5th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Now that it's Labor Day weekend, I expect to see a fridge-quality strip that has the Pattersons view the wonders of Autumn as being a depressing reminder that raking leaves is necessary.

It's fridge quality, all right; it's about Mike succeeding by flattering his parents.

Panel 1: We start things with Michael drawing a picture.

Panel 2: He leaves the room to show it to someone.

Panel 3: The someone in question is Elly; he tells her 'This is you, Mom.'

Panel 4: She thanks him and says 'That's nice, Michael.'

Panel 5: She gives him a cookie and says 'And here's something special for you.'

Panel 6: Mike happily eats the cookie and realizes something.

Panel 7: We see him act on his realization by going somewhere else in the house....

Panel 8: ....and holding up the picture as he tells a smiling John 'This is you, Daddy.'

Summary: I like this one; it's a reasonably upbeat slice of life strip that shows a situation that happens all the time; the only downside is that it will inspire a flood of letters that gush about how great it is that Lynn is a voyeur.