August 30th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Monday, 31 August 2009

As you know, it's been exactly one year since the so-called Strip of Destiny wherein Lynn assigned various improbable fates to her family of smug, selfish, entitled troglodytes. It's been a strange year wherein we learned that they were more repulsive than we dared imagine and it's about to get stranger; I half-way expect to see next week's story being taken up by Elly's abortive campaign to get a part-time job. The failure will allow Elly to be martyred and permit Lynn to kick Rod in the uprights for objecting to being turned into a mean-spirited caricature.

Today's strip should really infuriate trumanf as it's performed in the key of CHOMP-CHEW-GLUT-SHLOOOOOOK-SHHLLLLLUUUMMMMFFF!!!!! That's because Elly suggests that the local Burgerdrome uses sawdust as the secret ingredient in its burgers.

Panel 1: Elly, Mike and Lizzie are at a fast food restuarant in the middle of the day; as we see them surrounded by Pattersnarfing mutants and look at the not-at-all updated prices for menu choices that point to Lynn's issues with food, Mike cheerfully asks Elly why her burgers don't taste like the ones they serve here instead of asking why Lizzie doesn't have a bib given that she eats messily even by Patterson standards.

Panel 2: As she opens up her burger, martyred Elly says that she doesn't know and guesses she never hit on the right blend of sawdust.

Summary: Given that the Elly of old was a fairly poor cook who thought Cheapie Weenie Casserole was gourmet food and would become the same woman who served greaseburgers with extra bacon, stomach-blocking stews and tuna cardiac-arrest casserole, this is a standard example of hypocritcal humor. It's also why John thought that canned beans were a step up in the meal department.
Hells Yes!

In Honor of the Pornstache

I belong to kittypix and one of the members, simplykimberly, has four fosters at the moment, all sibs, she's calling the 'Stache Family. She posted a load of pics of them in the wee hours, and now that I've recovered from the damage inflicted by lethal levels of Teh Cuteness I thought I'd share with y'all. Because I think we're long overdue for 'staches that slay in a good way, yesno? ;D

Without further ado, the 'Stache Family.

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Someone said this recently on another site, and I wanted to share.

We all have our own cross to bear, and only we can decide whether we find the weight irksome. I might think my own weightier, but that doesn't, after all, make yours any easier on you.

Would have been nice if someone, anyone, in the strip had taken that approach with April, instead of "Consider yourself lucky you don't live in a war zone."