August 29th, 2009

Angry Candiru

Sunday, 30 August 2009

In today's strip, I halfway expect to see someone short with a button nose whine about where the summer went and I expect someone else to be unsympathetic. That second someone will, of course, be a busy mother who gets no help and has no time to herself. This seems strange because exactly one year ago today Iris was delivering the mandatory title drop that marked the end of the Patterson saga as we knew it. All we've learned over the last year was that the Pattersons weren't a very good family in the first place so their decay is less shocking than we thought it was.

Actually, it's Mike thinking that he can be a total shit to Lizzie just so long as he doesn't touch her; John is there to remind him he is wrong.

Panel 1: We start of with Lizzie surrounded with toys without a care in the world; sadly, the hateful and hate-filled smirk on her selfish little prick of an older brother tells us her happiness is going to be fleeting.

Panel 2: This is because he smiles and whispers 'Dummy' in her ear; her shocked from tells me she knows enough Lynnglish to realize she's been insulted.

Panel 3: His next act of creativity and nascent genius is to sit on her beloved toy bunny as she SCREECHES in dismay.

Panel 4: He follows that act of harmless whimsy by sticking his tongue out at her as she clutches her toy bunny with a look of panic that doesn't belong on such a tiny face.

Panel 5: Next, he oh-so-causally knocks down the toy blocks she had built up.

Panel 6: Lizzie's HOWL of pain finally attracts John's attention; as he glowers at Mike, the little boy's bug-eyed frown indicates that he's somewhat confused as to why he's being punished.

Panel 7: This confusion lasts as he's being carried bodily away from the scene of his hate crime....

Panel 8: ...and persists after John SLAMs the door on the little creep as he plainitively wails 'But Daddy! I never even TOUCHED her!!'

Summary: Since nobody in the Pattermanse ever did any real parenting, Michael grew up thinking that he could take out his frustrations on the helpless and usually blameless person of his kid sister without any real blockage to his dickishness. Also, since he had stick figure caricatures when he needed a mom and dad to guide him, he never had a chance to develop a conscience like regular people so he never, ever twigged to how he affected others.
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Comic Strip Superstar Contest

I just noticed this contest:

Here's some interesting info about it,
In the semifinal round, popular comic strip creators G.B. Trudeau (Doonesbury), Lynn Johnston (For Better or For Worse), Scott Hilburn (The Argyle Sweater), and Mark Tatulli (Lió and Heart of the City) will choose 10 finalists and post feedback for each on

I'll have to remember to check out the feedback, "Characters need larger noses, larger noses are always funny! Also more onomatopoeia when they're shown eating, you can never have enough slurrps or schrumpps!"
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