August 28th, 2009

Hells Yes!

The World Revolves Around Liz, Didn't You Know That?

While trying (and failing) to fall asleep, my mind drifted to my writing and the let's-mock-Liz story I'll probably finish sometime after Hell freezes over, and I remembered her saying to Dennis at Anthony's first wedding "That could've been me". At the time the strip first came out, I was still goofy enough to think, 'Aw, too bad it didn't work between them.' Six years on, I'm thinking, 'Full of yourself much?'. There aren't any strips up earlier than 2003 at Foob Central so I couldn't easily find anything to tell me if Anthony made it clear to Liz pre-2003 he'd be with her if it wasn't for that pesky engagement to Therese, but even if he did give off vibes it's not like they were in the same room often enough for Liz to pick up on anything and Pattersons--or at least Liz--don't have strong enough ESPN to pick up on thoughtbubbling, and the fact that a guy's engaged to someone does tend to send the very loud, blaring message that the past, it is behind him, and the woman he has eyes for now is Definitely Not You.

It's brutally clear from the strip that Liz feels Very Insecure about the fact Anthony's getting hitched and she's still OMG!single and it's just absolutely not an option to go to the wedding alone because then it would be, like, soooo clear she's not only OMG!single, she's an OMG!single!loser who can't even get a date. Now, I totally sympathize with not wanting to go stag. I was in a wedding in 11/04 and I'd have taken a guy friend just so I wasn't going solo if he wasn't busy that day. I do not have sympathy with her burning desire to come off as "the one that got away". That smacks of ego, conceit, and profound immaturity, and her apparently baseless comment "That could've been me" smacks of Anthony, not Liz, being the one that got away. Mix it all together and what do you get? A case of spoiled little girl having a snit fit. Anthony's moved on and Liz can't/won't stand for it so she's going with the intention of shining brightly enough to take at least some of Anthony's attention away from Therese. To all appearances, Anthony's marrying an intelligent, beautiful, talented woman he loves and wants to make a life with, and Liz has the solid brass ovaries to get on her drama llama and tune up the WAHHHHHambulance siren.

Am I the only one who feels even more sorry for Therese right now? It would've been bad enough with Liz's little 'LOOK AT ME!' games if Anthony had only had eyes for Therese, but he didn't. She never stood a chance, poor woman.
Snarky Candiru2

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Now that Lynn is using the button noses for the kids again, it should be clear that howtheduck is right to assume that we'll go to straight reprints in the next few weeks. This probably means that she'll tell us that Deanna moved to Burlington STREET on the other side of town so she can use her without having to explain too much.

Perhaps later; right now, Elly has to pledge her allegiance to squandering her time on bitterness and martyrdom.

Panel 1: As Lawrence has fun chasing Mike with a Super-Soaker in the Pattermanse's back yard, we see Connie, Elly and Barnacle Lass's silhouettes sitting on the porch. Connie's silhouette says "In a few days our boys will be in school, Elly!" Elly, in a failed attempt to be dialect-neutral, says "Amazing, hum?"

Panel 2: As Lawrence and Mike have fun rough-housing, Connie and Elly remind us that their sons are looking forward to getting on the same bus as the other elementary school students.

Panel 3: As we see their fat asses rammed into their Mom jeans, Connie says that it's going to be strange having them gone all day. Elly knows this,,,,

Panel 4: but says she thinks they can manage. It should be noted that she's frowning in disgust because Mike and Lawrence are having fun making faces at Lizzie instead of doing what she's convinced little boys really love: staring blankly off into space as they sit very quietly until their asses go numb. It should also be noted that this is the first instance in which Connie laughed at whatever stupid thing Elly said.

Summary: Elly's reaction is based on the presumption that she could enjoy being a parent better if she weren't so busy and had help; it should be noted that she squanders the time she could have used to make pleasant memories feeling sorry for herself and doing useless things.

ETA: I just realized that yesterday, it was exactly one year since the curtain had fallen on most of the adult cast. Strange how we've forgotten that, isn't it?