August 24th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Today's new-ruin should probably make a liar out of Elly because, gosh darn it, she was forced to shop at Mutant Wal-Mart because John is too cheap to let her go upscale.

Close; Annie is trying to make a convert of her pal.

Panel 1: We start with an exterior of Hinkley's Handy Haven. Annie says "See, Elly? The prices are amazing; Handy Haven is a great place to shop." Elly harrumphs that it's tacky.

Panel 2: As we see them wander through well-stocked aisles with signage that boasts about low prices, Annie shoots back "So? What you lose in class you gain in cash; check out the back-to-school clothing!" Elly mutters under her breath.

Panel 3: Elly then notices that it's not very good quality; Annie says "Exactly" as if Elly has just proven her point for her.

Panel 4: Said point is that by the time the article of clothing is too small, it will have worn out anyway.

Summary: That's one way of looking at it, I guess. I wonder how many people will agree with Annie on Coffee Talk this week. I also wonder if we'll end up going on an insane tangent tomorrow.

ETA: I just remembered that it's supposedly Lizthony's first anniversary today. I wonder if the people of Milboring have lived that down yet.

Facebook Group Comments: third week of August

The number of new fans has reached 1,169, but the number of comments has slowed to a trickle:

Constance V: I just finished reading your book, Suddenly Silver, and I enjoy reading it. I wonder if you will have the 30th anniversary book out?

Brenda M: I have been reading this comic strip daily for years and years. Since the very beginning. I love it! But really miss the kids all grown up.

Jim F: best EVER comic strip

Kelly G: Is it just me, or is the "old" john kind of a jerk?

Tina B-K: agree, glad he matured with age..

The votes are in from last week's question about the games on the official site: there will be more trivia games in the future!  Those of you who were holding your breath in anticipation can now exhale.

I wrote a "fan" fic

I posted it to my LJ, so you can read it there.

I've never written a fan fic-y thing before. I've been working on this one sort of on and off for the past year, never taking it very seriously. I'd go back and forth between April's POV, and then Liz's; first person, then third. Then I had the idea to make it second person, which suddenly made it so much easier and more fun to write. I think second person really captures the whole, "Strange--I used to live on my own and have a job. Now I'm back in my parents' house. I wonder how that happened," vibe that seemed to define Liz during the last few years of the strip.

I hope you enjoy it.

Long-heads to end all long-heads... (bonus: Liz's awful pointy-backed proto-bun 'do!)

Image at link:

(found by inadvertently getting bumped to the fbofw site "404" page while trying to follow a bad link)

= Picture of the immediate Patterfoob Family, complete with quite un-real-animal-looking pets. Hey, at least that image DOES include Elly's denial-child, April...

Observance: John is definitely sporting jowls.