August 21st, 2009

Indignant Candiru

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Hmmmmmm....... It seems to me that with Elly having just now realized that at some point in her future she will have no one to cook and clean for but John, it might be a good idea to look for a part-time job to while away the endless hours. This means, of course, that in today's strip, John will make an ill-considered and poorly thought-out remark that indicates that if staying home all day was good enough for his mommy, it's good enough for her.

Well, it has John getting hit in the face; at least that's something.

Panel 1: We join the Pattersons in the middle of a conversation; John is lecturing Mike about the perils of horseplay with toddlers. He's in full-on Captain Daddy mode as he says "You play gently with Baby...catch, Lizzie" as he gently tosses her a rubber ball.

Panel 2: As Lizzie holds the ball and smiles, he gushes "GOOD GIRL! Now toss it to daddy!"

Panel 3: As she gets ready to throw it back, he says "Toss the ball, Baby! Throw the ball to...."

Panel 4: She throws the ball back hard enough to knock his glasses off his face while Mike grins at the satisfying WHAP sound it makes.

Summary: Given the pattern of unrealistic behavior she's established, Lynn would have us believe that Lizzie beaned John out of malice
when it's clear to me that what we have is a kid who doesn't know her own strength.