August 20th, 2009

Calm Candiru

Friday, 21 August 2009

Now that Farley is home from the kennel, we'd probably end up with a new-ruin that neatly book-ends last Friday's strip; I should think we'd end up with John not noticing all of Elly's pointless busywork because he's too used to it.

Actually, it's a reprint that has Elly feeling empty because her children are growing up.

Panel 1: Mike says "I'm takin' Lizzie across the street, Ma!"; that's because he's taking her across the street to where the playground is.

Panel 2: We see her wearing work gloves as she's doing the raking; she tells him to watch for traffic and look both ways as he crosses the street and to do so quickly.

Panel 3: Her silhouette looks on as they've crossed the street.

Panel 4: She frowns a Bug-Eyed Frown of Existential Terror and thought-bubbles "I can aee the empty nest already."

Summary: Thirty years later, of course, she's just as depressed, if not more so, that her nest will never empty. Knowing how ridiculous time made the fears and anxieties their younger selves had is the "neat" thing about knowing what will happen to these people.

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