August 15th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Since the Sunday strips rarely synch up with the weeklies, we can expect the strip to not have the Pattersons camping by the lake.

It's a new-ruin that's set at the beach; Elly responds to Mike's Lawrence-inspired mistreatment of Lizzie by pumping some serious irony.

Panel 1: We start off with Elly, who's got a picnic cooler, and Connie, who's got the umbrella and beach towel, hitting the beach with Lizzie walking between them. The odd thing is that the two of them look more natural as a husband-wife duo than John and Elly do.

Panel 2: The two of them set up their stuff.

Panel 3: Having done so, they watch from way back in the background as Lizzie pours sand all over the castle Michael and Lawrence are trying to build. This means that they can't see how angry they are that the little fink wandered over and wrecked all their hard work.

Panel 4: Michael yells something at Lizzie while Lawrence looks on in shared anger; what he's saying is unknown, unknowable and irrelevant.

Panel 5: That's because it's achieved the desired result: Barnacle Lass is clinging to Elly howling her head off

Panel 6: Having no real idea what just transpired, Elly consoles her by saying that she knows that evil Mike and evil Lawrence don't want little girls around; that's just the way hateful little boys are.

Panel 7: Their black silhouettes look down on lavender silhouettes in the foreground.

Panel 8: As the sort of girls they're supposed to going to be ogling like that idiot John watch them continue, Connie says "Just give them a few years."

Summary: Given that we know that Lawrence will never join Mike in witlessly making his wife feel insecure about her looks or give his poor, long-suffering hysterical idiot mother grandchildren so she can prove her worth to a dead man, her unknowingly-ironic comment seems like the poor-and-stupid-man's substitute for being poignant.