August 9th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Monday, 10 August 2009

Let's see what Hell, fresh or re-heated Lynn dares subject us to this week; I'd like to think that we might actually see more of Farley but he seems to have resumed his position as a furry extra.

It's the first strip of the arc in which the Pattersons go to what they think is Ted's cottage but turns out to be an abandoned shack they came across because John can't find his arse with both hands. It gives us everything Lynn thinks we need when she thinks we need it; not only is everything John and Ted's fault because they can't talk sensibly like women, Elly gets to be martyred because of the primitive conditions, John's insistence that she do all the work even on her vacation and her noisy, demanding brood.

At least I think it's that arc; I'm not sure if it's that one or this is about their first vacation wherein they huddled under a tent for a week complaining about the rain.

Panel 1: As Elly fills the kiddie pool and Lizzie looks on in apprehension, she boasts to Annie, who's putting Christopher in there to drowncool off, that it's just a few days before their camping trip.

Panel 2: As the children play while enduring inadequate supervision, Elly smiles and says "Outside in a tent, with a campstove, an outhouse and no TV; the kids will LOVE it."

Panel 3: She then frowns and says "At least that's what we keep telling ourselves."

Summary: I have no real idea if this is the cottage arc or a similar mess; what I do know is that Elly hates the great outdoors and it's going to show.