August 8th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Let's see what new irritant greets us today; no matter how positive it might look, it'll be tainted by Elly's default negativity and selfishness.

It's a new-ruin wherein Lizzie has a minor but embarrassing difficulty which bids fair to ruin her day. Her primary caregiver, Michael the Boy Genius, cleverly saves the day while at the same time hiding her problem from the crazy woman who yells all the time.

Panel 1: We start off with Lizzie playing in the sandbox as her minder Mike plays with a toy plane.

Panel 2: As his silhouette continues to pretend to be Top Gun, she's having a fun time building sand castles.

Panel 3: They do so together.

Panel 4: Some sudden realization startles her and makes her thought-bubble an exclamation point.

Panel 5: That realization is that she has to go to the bathroom. She leaves the sandbox so as to head inside.

Panel 6: As she makes it to the steps, she's horrified because she wet herself.

Panel 7: She howls in despair at having done so and Mike does his best to console his charge.

Panel 8: Suddenly, he has a great idea.

Panel 9: Said idea is to have Lizzie play in the sprinkler so Elly, you just made the scene, will think that any wetness is play-related and not bladder-related.

Summary: I'd like to think that this is a cute strip but can't quite do so. First off, it's obvious that Mike and Liz should have been better supervised. Second, Elly should have been the one to tell Lizzie things were all right. Third, Mike's ingenious solution, plausible or not, was designed to avoid the shit-fit Elly would have made if Lizzie had tried looking to her for comfort.