August 5th, 2009

Lady Candiru

Thursday, 6 August 2009

If things hold true, John should spend today whining about how Elly wants to be a big killjoy and change how he dresses; just between you and me, I'd rather he be a more direct smug dick and point out that she is a fine one to talk about dressing ugly. As it stands, he tries (and succeeds) in making her feel bad by making her swallow a load of old cobblers about her wanting to be happy at his expense. This is, of course, because when this was first written, Lynn wanted everyone to hate Rod for living in Lynn Lake. Now, she wants us to hate him for leaving her.

Perhaps later; right now, John has to get advice from that stupid loser, Ted.

Panel 1: We're at the local tavern; as John drinks a pint of Labatt's, that dumbass no-hoper Ted tells him that he's henpecked. If Elly bug him about his clothes....

Panel 2: ....he should tell her off and tell her he'll wear what he likes.

Panel 3: If she ain't happy, she can take a flying leap.

Panel 4: John mutters "Then again, I could change."

Summary: This is because, as you no doubt realize, he uses Ted as a sounding board to figure out what not to do. If Ted says to do something, John can be relied upon to do the opposite because he's realized that it works out better that way nineteen times out of twenty.