August 1st, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 2 August 2009

It's the August long weekend in most of Canada so I would expect to see a strip that has Elly gorge herself at a barbecue; since Lynn is, sadly enough, drifting down a stream of lowered consciousness, I'll instead have to look at her mop the floor or stress about how everyone in the neighborhood is disgusted with her because there's dust in the attic.

ETA: Actually, it's a genuine, bona-fide Civic Holiday Weekend Miracle: Annie Nichols unhinges her jaws and yells at ELLY PATTERSON because she does something dumb owing to an inability to pay attention. Too bad for everyone that she actually is stooooooopid and useless; otherwise, she might learn from this mistake and be more careful in the future.

Panel 1: The new-ruin starts in the backyard; Elly, who's gardening, is gobsmacked because Farley rolled in the dirt like a dog.

Panel 2: This leads to Farley being gobsmacked because Elly, whose face is scrunched up with rage because he insists on not playing fair and acting like the short person in the dog costume Elly insists he's supposed to, is holding his brush; that's because he remembers being manhandled by an angry nincompoop in the past and fears being raked over again.

Panel 3: The BRUSH-BRUSH-BRUSH-BRUSHing he receives is so forceful, it causes his eyes to lose bilateral symmetry; it should also be noted that the fur being dislodged is being caught up by the breeze.

Panel 4: This process is being exacerbated by Elly pulling his fur out of the brush every so often...

Panel 5: ...and letting the wind carry it away. There's a reason you shouldn't do that that Elly has yet to learn.

Panel 6: Now that she's successfully spread dog hair all over creation, she brushes Farley to reload.

Panel 7: She lazily shoos more of her mess over the fence instead of dealing with it properly.

Panel 8: As she starts back up, she's astonished to hear cursing from next door.

Panel 9: That's because Annie is furious because idiot Elly has gotten dog fur all over the freshly-cleaned laundry she's hanging out to dry; the Blank-eyed, Slack-jawed Glare of Total Confusion tells me that Elly just realized that perhaps she screwed up.

Summary: That's because Elly doesn't understand that she lives in a society; the reason she shouldn't simply dump her problems on other people is that she is duty-bound as a human being to live up to her responsibilities instead of sweeping them under the rug and whining about how hard life is.