July 31st, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Having "proven" that John is a dick again makes it clear to me that the week will end with Elly feeling worse than ever.

Not only does she feel worse than ever, John is even more of a dick.

Panel 1: We start the insanity with Elly carrying a load of laundry; she's being trailed by Farley and Lizzie, the latter looking anguished because Mommy is moving to quickly which prevents her from clamping herself to her leg like a God-damned barnacle.

Panel 2: As she scrubs the kitchen floor, she says to herself "I'm not even going to bother cooking tonight; I'm just going to put all the left-overs on the counter and everyone can fend for themselves."

Panel 3: Her plan to turn the Pattermanse into a buffet is kiboshed when John announces that Ted's here and he'd invited him for dinner.

Panel 4 We next see most of the family seated at the table. John responds to Ted's question by saying "An imposition? No way! Besides, if you weren't here, we'd probably be having leftovers." Elly is in the background with the same expression she had in the last panel of yesterday's strip.

Summary: That's because she's married to a dimwit who doesn't 'get' that she has OCD. Try as John might, he doesn't really believe that Elly fills her days with pointless busywork and wastes her nights worrying if she's letting the house go.