July 25th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Let's see what horrible torment Elly has to endure today; perhaps John will have put the soup spoons in with the tea spoons, damn him.

ETA: Elly isn't involved at all today; our players are Mike and John. The future train enthusiast gets extremely silly in an effort to entertain the future savior of Canadian letters but only ends up embarrassing the both of them. If it were not for the constant stream of propaganda that dictates that John is an idiot, I'd be willing to write this off as the benign fluff it looks like at first glance.

Panel 1: We start with a happy John taking Mike to the zoo,

Panel 2: He tells Mike, who's walking on a brick wall, how great this is because he hasn't been to the zoo in ages.

Panel 3: He reminds us how much more enthused he is by having a wide-eyed grin plastered on his face as he says "WOW!!! MONKEYS!! Watch this, Michael!!!"

Panel 4: He does his famous monkey impersonation to the amusement of the chimps and confusion of his bored son.

Panel 5: He then says "WHEW!!! Pretty neat, huh?"

Panel 6: Mike says "Yeah, I guess so..."

Panel 7: "....I just hope nobody I know was watching." The revelation that Mike found this to be mildly embarrassing leaves John gobsmacked.

Summary: Like I said, I would have regarded this as harmless nonsense if I hadn't been bombarded with imagery that depicts John as a total frakking goober without brains, class or charm.