July 23rd, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Friday, 24 July 2009

In yesterday's strip, the kids got insanely messy because of Lynn's bizarre notion that one is either spotless or one is covered in filth. Let's see what lunatic dichotomy she preaches today.

No screwy either-or stuff today; just a tribute to how great mothers are.

Panel 1: As Elly washes Lizzie's hands off with the water bottle she had in her purse, she tells her that she has Band-Aids but has to wash off her hands first.

Panel 2: She tells Lizzie to let her wipe her face with a handy moist towelette and Mike to put on more sunscreen.

Panel 3: Elly asks if anyone wants something cold to drink while Connie asks if anyone would like a cookie.

Panel 4: As they drink their juice boxes, Lawrence's silhouette says "Man!! That bag has everything you could ever need inside it!!" Mike says "Yeah....."

Panel 5: ".....sometimes, I think Moms are magic."

Summary: Since Mike is six and can't quite wrap his head around the fact that even Elly can learn things from experience and prepare for common-place situations, I'm prepared to cut him some slack. I know that when I was that age, I didn't know how things worked. I cannot, however, do the same for Lynn; her attempt to turn Elly into Supermom after three decades of failure and whining is like trying to put a Band-aid over a severed limb.
Snarky Candiru2

Abuse Porn for Dummies

The latest news from the Johnston studios is that Beth Cruikshank plans to write a bio for Liz's sometimes friend, sometimes rival Candace Halloran. This would be to her tastes because she can indulge her need to discuss the following favorite themes:

Collapse )

Beth's love of selfish tyrant fathers and doormat mothers says something odd about her; it says that her favorite genre is what is dismissively referred to as either "abuse porn" or Narm. What really stinks is that Lynn's fans are oh-so-eager to devour Beth's literary greaseburger; since they grew up on a diet of intellectual junk food, they assume that the cheap theatrics Lynn chooses to call a character sketch is great writing.

Multnomah Falls: summer

I'm soo sick of FOOB - here's something else to look at

Go to yahoo.com

Notice the little odd thing next to the yahoo.com search bar. Click on it - and it enlarges and you can see that it's a gaggle of superheros.

I guess it's a salute to Comic.com at San Diego.

(It's just that Lynn & Beth can punch out any crap that they feel like, with no imagination or care, just vomit, and it's served like it's the Best Stuff Evah!)